More Than 65% of Users Re-use Passwords Across Accounts

A new analysis on credentials security reveals alarming figures, such as the fact that more than 65 % reuse the same passwords

More Than 65% of Users Re-use Passwords Across Accounts
More Than 65% of Users Re-use Passwords Across Accounts | Image credits: CSO Online

While 92% of those who repeat the same password or variant are aware of a risk, 65% still reuse account passwords, which dramatically increases the risk to their sensitive information, according to a report conducted by LogMeIn.

According to a LogMeIn survey, customers know well how to secure their password and how to minimize risks, but nevertheless select and select re-used information.

In the 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report, the majority of data infringes a stunningly 85% of a human element, and the necessity for password protection remains vital as attacks increase.

The company stated, "Strong cybersecurity habits are more important than ever this year, given the sheer volume of time individuals have spent online in the last 18 months and the corresponding spike in cyber-attacks," [...] "Yet the survey revealed that despite 71 per cent of people working wholly or partly remote and 70 per cent spending more time online for personal entertainment during the pandemic, people were still exhibiting poor password behaviour,"

Almost half of remote workers have not improved their online security practices

The poll shows that 47% have not modified their internet security procedures while working remotely, and 44% have been able to exchange sensitive information and professional credentials while working remotely during the last year.

Nearly half of staff operate with risky passwords while working remotely, which leads IT administrators to rethink safety tactics in a hybrid working environment.

The poll of more than 3,500 international working professionals including India revealed that 68% of those interviewed establish stronger bank account passwords, but just 32% indicated they would build strong work account passwords.

It is strongly advised to use multiple passwords

Experts advise using strong, unique passwords for all online services and accounts.

When entering into some online services, passwords that are too short or too simple will be rejected.

Even if you have a very complex password that no one else can guess, using the same password for several accounts puts your account security at risk. For example, if hackers get access to one of your services, they may potentially gain access to your other online accounts if you used the same password. Using a unique password for each account protects your other accounts even if one of your services is compromised.