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Nearly 800 Children Waiting for Surgery for More than Two...

More than 800 children may have to wait longer for surgery as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the HSE cyberattack.


Microsoft Report: New Cyberattacks from Russian State-Sponsored...

Nobelium, a Russian state-sponsored cybercriminal group, has re-emerged with new hacking campaigns.

Data Breaches

CoinMarketCap: No Data Breach Despite 3.1M Emails Leaked

Despite the fact that a list of more than 3.1 million email addresses related to the CoinMarketCap database has begun to circulate,...

Data Breaches

MobiKwik, an IPO-Bound Unicorn, Investigated by the RBI...

More than 3.5 million MobiKwik users' personal data may have been compromised, according to reports.

Cyber Attacks

Tesco Restores Online Sales Following Cyber Attack

Attempted interference with the company's systems caused issues with the website's search function, according to a statement released...


South Korean Telecommunication Operator KT Suffers Nationwide...

In this particular instance, however, it was not because of a cyberattack, but rather because of routing problems.


36% of Israeli Companies Report Weekly Cyberattack Attempts,...

This year, the cybercrime sector performed better, depending on tried-and-true assault methods including phishing, malware, DDoS,...

Data Breaches

Report: Acer India’s Service System Hacked, Sensitive Information...

Acer India has confirmed a data breach that was made possible by a recent cyberattack on the company's servers.

Cyber Attacks

South Korea Seeks Interpol Notice for Two Cybercrime Gang...

An Interpol request to arrest two foreigners, including a Ukrainian, is being considered by South Korea as part of the investigation...

Cyber Attacks

Microsoft Blocked the Biggest Cyberattack Ever

MICROSOFT has successfully repelled the largest distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack in the company's history.


Poll: Most Americans are Concerned About Cyberattacks

Most Americans regard China and Russia as serious cybersecurity threats, and they are deeply concerned about cyberattacks in the United...

Apps & OSs

FontOnLake Rootkit Malware Spotted to Target Linux Systems

A new strain of Linux malware has been discovered that allows thieves remote access and opens the door to additional attacks.

Cyber Attacks

Ransomware Group FIN12 Targeting Healthcare Sector

In recent years, the healthcare sector has become an extremely appealing target for cybercriminals.