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Lithuanian Security Experts Concerns Over Xiaomi and Huawei...

According to the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defense, some Xiaomi and Huawei 5G phones pose cybersecurity threats.


Most Business Owners do not Disclose Cyberattacks

A recent study shows that remote working still poses a significant cybersecurity risk and that business owners prefer to hide cybersecurity...


More Than 65% of Users Re-use Passwords Across Accounts

A new analysis on credentials security reveals alarming figures, such as the fact that more than 65 % reuse the same passwords

Cyber Attacks

Android Users Targeted by New Trojan for Financial Frauds...

The new malware is designed to impersonate an income tax refund that compromises users' privacy and sensitive information.

Data Breaches

More than 250 Afghan Interpreters' Lives Were Put in Danger...

A breach of the Ministry of Defence's data put the lives of 250 Afghan translators who worked with the British Army in danger.


Ransomware Poses a Huge Cybersecurity Danger to Manufacturers

Hackers consider the manufacturing industry a high-value target and the manufacturing sector is at great risk of ransomware attacks.