Cybersecurity Log


More than 40% of UK Gamers Hit by Cyberattacks

Poor cybersecurity procedures are common among gamers in the United Kingdom, leaving them exposed to cyberattacks.


Report: 75% of Gamers in India Have Experienced a Cyberattack

According to the findings of the study, more than four out of five Indian gamers surveyed suffered financial losses of Rs 7,894 on...

Cyber Attacks

Russian Crypto Scammers Targeting YouTube

Russian crypto scammers are hijacking channels to trade cryptocurrency, among other things, according to a warning provided by Google's...


Nearly 800 Children Waiting for Surgery for More than Two...

More than 800 children may have to wait longer for surgery as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the HSE cyberattack.


Microsoft Report: New Cyberattacks from Russian State-Sponsored...

Nobelium, a Russian state-sponsored cybercriminal group, has re-emerged with new hacking campaigns.

Data Breaches

CoinMarketCap: No Data Breach Despite 3.1M Emails Leaked

Despite the fact that a list of more than 3.1 million email addresses related to the CoinMarketCap database has begun to circulate,...