Cybersecurity Log

Cyber Attacks

Russian Crypto Scammers Targeting YouTube

Russian crypto scammers are hijacking channels to trade cryptocurrency, among other things, according to a warning provided by Google's...


Nearly 800 Children Waiting for Surgery for More than Two...

More than 800 children may have to wait longer for surgery as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the HSE cyberattack.


Microsoft Report: New Cyberattacks from Russian State-Sponsored...

Nobelium, a Russian state-sponsored cybercriminal group, has re-emerged with new hacking campaigns.

Data Breaches

CoinMarketCap: No Data Breach Despite 3.1M Emails Leaked

Despite the fact that a list of more than 3.1 million email addresses related to the CoinMarketCap database has begun to circulate,...


Report: Stolen Data Spreading Faster on the Dark Web

According to a recent research, stolen data travels 11 times faster on the dark web than it did six years ago.

Data Breaches

MobiKwik, an IPO-Bound Unicorn, Investigated by the RBI...

More than 3.5 million MobiKwik users' personal data may have been compromised, according to reports.