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UEFI Bootkit Targeting Windows PCs Spotted

A new UEFI malware targeting Windows systems was built by an unknown Chinese cybercriminal who has yet to be recognized.

Cyber Attacks

Despite the Changing Hacking Scene, Ransomware Thrives

According to a new McAfee Enterprise research, ransomware is still on the rise despite changes in the underground hacker scene that...

Apps & OSs

New Android Trojan Steals Millions of Dollars

It was recently revealed that a malicious mobile campaign infected over 10 million Android users. The victims were from over 70 countries...


How To Protect Yourself Against Credential Phishing Attacks

With the growing threat of cyberattacks, credential phishing campaigns continue to be a significant element of hacking activity, and...

Cyber Attacks

New Android Banking Trojan Dubbed Ermac Spotted

In a new piece of malware nicknamed Ermac, the BlackRock cybercrime gang has taken inspiration from the popular banking trojan known...


Most Business Owners do not Disclose Cyberattacks

A recent study shows that remote working still poses a significant cybersecurity risk and that business owners prefer to hide cybersecurity...


High-Severity RCE Vulnerability Found in Several Netgear...

Cybersecurity experts discovered a serious RCE vulnerability in several Netgear models.