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More than 40% of UK Gamers Hit by Cyberattacks

Poor cybersecurity procedures are common among gamers in the United Kingdom, leaving them exposed to cyberattacks.


36% of Israeli Companies Report Weekly Cyberattack Attempts,...

This year, the cybercrime sector performed better, depending on tried-and-true assault methods including phishing, malware, DDoS,...


Japan's Aims to Make its Cybersecurity More Powerful

China, Russia, and North Korea are included as potential security concerns in Tokyo's draft cybersecurity policy.


5 Tips to Secure your WordPress Site

Given the widespread use of WordPress, it is recommended that you take a few precautionary measures to keep your website safe from...

Cyber Attacks

Cyberattack on US Hospital Causes Death of Baby Girl

The incident occurred in July 2019, but the baby died in April of the following year. After her daughter died, the mother updated...


New Chrome Function Can Tells Apps and Sites When You're...

Chrome's new Idle Detection API lets it know if a user is inactive, which has privacy activists worried.


KPMG: Canadian Firms Have Strong Cybersecurity Protocols

According to a new survey conducted amid growing public concern about cyberattacks, only half of firms feel extremely confident in...

Data Breaches

Information of Eye Patients Exposed Following Data Breach

Hackers have begun to target the healthcare industry.


More Than 65% of Users Re-use Passwords Across Accounts

A new analysis on credentials security reveals alarming figures, such as the fact that more than 65 % reuse the same passwords

Apps & OSs

Key Aspects of Microsoft's Windows 11 Security Approach

Highlighting the Most Critical Aspects of Microsoft's Security Enhancements for Windows 11.