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Cyber Attacks

Tesco Restores Online Sales Following Cyber Attack

Attempted interference with the company's systems caused issues with the website's search function, according to a statement released...


UEFI Bootkit Targeting Windows PCs Spotted

A new UEFI malware targeting Windows systems was built by an unknown Chinese cybercriminal who has yet to be recognized.

Data Breaches

Navistar Confirms Data Breach Following Cyberattack

According to an investigation at Navistar, a data breach on its systems exposed the healthcare information of its employees.

Cyber Attacks

Over 900 Cyberattacks on State Duma E-Voting Systems

Russia's remote electronic voting systems were the subject of a huge cyberattack effort


Upstream Launches Vehicle SoC for Connected Cars

The purpose is to help enterprises reduce connection risks and secure connected and autonomous car systems.