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Microsoft Report: New Cyberattacks from Russian State-Sponsored...

Nobelium, a Russian state-sponsored cybercriminal group, has re-emerged with new hacking campaigns.

Cyber Attacks

Microsoft Blocked the Biggest Cyberattack Ever

MICROSOFT has successfully repelled the largest distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack in the company's history.

Apps & OSs

Microsoft to Allow Amazon and Epic Games stores on Its...

Microsoft plans to integrate third-party app shops into its Microsoft marketplace in the near future.


Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover Flaw Leaked Over 100K Windows...

A flawed implementation of the Autodiscover protocol is to blame for transmitting Windows credentials to untrusted third-party sites.


Oracle, Microsoft, and Google, Microsoft had the Most Cybersecurity...

AtlasVPN research compiled a top 10 cybersecurity sorts. The companies listed in the analysis amassed the most security vulnerabilities...


Microsoft Accounts Can Now be Accessed Without a Password

Microsoft will offer its users the ability to log in to their accounts without a password in the coming weeks.

Apps & OSs

Key Aspects of Microsoft's Windows 11 Security Approach

Highlighting the Most Critical Aspects of Microsoft's Security Enhancements for Windows 11.


New Zero-Day Vulnerability Targeting Windows Users

Microsoft issued a security alert yesterday to users about a zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer that, if exploited, allows...