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86% of Saudi Organizations Blame Technical Flaws for Cyberattacks

As a result of remote working, the attack surface of the organization is growing exponentially.


Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover Flaw Leaked Over 100K Windows...

A flawed implementation of the Autodiscover protocol is to blame for transmitting Windows credentials to untrusted third-party sites.


High-Severity RCE Vulnerability Found in Several Netgear...

Cybersecurity experts discovered a serious RCE vulnerability in several Netgear models.


VPN Users Left Unsecured by Zero-day Flaw in Virgin Media...

Another vulnerability has been discovered that leaves users who use VPN connections in Virgin Media Routers.


Windows Computers Affected by HP OMEN Gaming Hub Flaw

Cybersecurity experts have uncovered a vulnerability related to the software HP Omen that affects millions of Windows systems.


HAProxy Exposed to Critical HTTP Request Smuggling Attack

Open-source load balancer and proxy server HAProxy has been discovered to have a new security vulnerability. This issue enables attackers...

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PoC Released for Ghostscript Flaw Exposing Dropbox, Airbnb

Hackers have demonstrated a current vulnerability in Ghostscript, a popular server-side image translation software program, and have...


New Zero-Day Vulnerability Targeting Windows Users

Microsoft issued a security alert yesterday to users about a zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer that, if exploited, allows...