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Cyber Attacks

Fake Malicious Telegram Messenger App Spotted

A fake Telegram Messenger app has been discovered that is being used to hack PCs with the Purple Fox Malware.

Apps & OSs

FontOnLake Rootkit Malware Spotted to Target Linux Systems

A new strain of Linux malware has been discovered that allows thieves remote access and opens the door to additional attacks.


UEFI Bootkit Targeting Windows PCs Spotted

A new UEFI malware targeting Windows systems was built by an unknown Chinese cybercriminal who has yet to be recognized.

Apps & OSs

Fake Flubot Malware Warning Targeting Android Phones

Cybercriminals began using bogus cybersecurity warnings to trick Android users into downloading malware.

Apps & OSs

New Android Trojan Steals Millions of Dollars

It was recently revealed that a malicious mobile campaign infected over 10 million Android users. The victims were from over 70 countries...

Cyber Attacks

New Android Banking Trojan Dubbed Ermac Spotted

In a new piece of malware nicknamed Ermac, the BlackRock cybercrime gang has taken inspiration from the popular banking trojan known...

Cyber Attacks

Android Users Targeted by New Trojan for Financial Frauds...

The new malware is designed to impersonate an income tax refund that compromises users' privacy and sensitive information.

Cyber Attacks

The Biden Administration Attacks Crypto Pipelines to Stop...

As part of the Biden administration's latest push to prevent ransomware attacks, the Biden administration revealed a new initiative.

Cyber Attacks

TinyTurla Spyware Keeps a Secret Backdoor on Target Devices

Cisco Talos recently discovered a new backdoor used by the group Russian Turla APT affecting countries such as Afghanistan, Germany,...

Cyber Attacks

New ZLoader Strain Spreading trough Fake TeamViewer Download...

The new ZLoader variation leverages paid Google ads to encourage and propagate malware downloads by impersonating the official TeamViewer...

Cyber Attacks

Cracked Software Spreading Malware Across Traffic Exchange...

A new type of attack has been discovered that uses malware disguised as cracked software to spread