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Cyber Attacks

New ZLoader Strain Spreading trough Fake TeamViewer Download...

The new ZLoader variation leverages paid Google ads to encourage and propagate malware downloads by impersonating the official TeamViewer...

Cyber Attacks

North Korean Hacker Recently Employed Social Media to Launch...

A recent investigation found that the cybercrime group is using smishing attacks to target Android smartphone users.


Only 8% of Organizations are Using Secured File Upload...

A new study conducted by Opswat reveales that only 8% of firms with web-based file upload systems have appropriate cybersecurity policies...


Who is REvil

Who is REvil and What Do They Do?


REvil Russian Ransomware Gang is Back Online

The Russian Ransomware Gang REvil, also known as Sodinokibi, has resurfaced recently


What is Ransomware?

The malicious program that encodes a victim's files is known as ransomware, or encryption malware.


VPNs May Not be Enough for Watching Netflix and Torrenting

VPNs may not suitable anymore for activities such as Netflix viewing, torrenting, and other activities that require anonymity.


Ransomware Poses a Huge Cybersecurity Danger to Manufacturers

Hackers consider the manufacturing industry a high-value target and the manufacturing sector is at great risk of ransomware attacks.


HAProxy Exposed to Critical HTTP Request Smuggling Attack

Open-source load balancer and proxy server HAProxy has been discovered to have a new security vulnerability. This issue enables attackers...

Data Breaches

The Most Significant Findings From IBM's Data Breach Report...

IBM recently released its Data Breach Report 2021, which included some concerning findings

Cyber Attacks

Howard University Hit by Ransomware Attack

Howard University was recently hit by a Ransomware attack


How to Secure Proxmox Remote Access

This article will walk you through the process of enabling and securing Proxmox Remote Access.

Apps & OSs

PoC Released for Ghostscript Flaw Exposing Dropbox, Airbnb

Hackers have demonstrated a current vulnerability in Ghostscript, a popular server-side image translation software program, and have...

Data Breaches

Ragnar Locker: "Talk to Cops or Feds and We Leak Your Data"

Ragnar Locker ransomware gang threatens victims with data leakage if they contact authorities


New Zero-Day Vulnerability Targeting Windows Users

Microsoft issued a security alert yesterday to users about a zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer that, if exploited, allows...

Cyber Attacks

Cracked Software Spreading Malware Across Traffic Exchange...

A new type of attack has been discovered that uses malware disguised as cracked software to spread