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Cyber Attacks

Massive Phishing Campaign Impacted 75K Email Inboxes

So far, an email phishing attempt that appears to be motivated by credential harvesting has affected 75,000 email inboxes.


Split Critical Infrastructure Bills to Enable Swift Government...

As cyberattacks on vital infrastructure become increasingly complicated and common around the world, governments try to develop new...

Cyber Attacks

Over 900 Cyberattacks on State Duma E-Voting Systems

Russia's remote electronic voting systems were the subject of a huge cyberattack effort


KPMG: Canadian Firms Have Strong Cybersecurity Protocols

According to a new survey conducted amid growing public concern about cyberattacks, only half of firms feel extremely confident in...


Increasing Cyberattacks Made the UK's Financial Industry...

Last year, the average number of cyberattacks on UK financial firms was 60.


86% of Saudi Organizations Blame Technical Flaws for Cyberattacks

As a result of remote working, the attack surface of the organization is growing exponentially.

Data Breaches

California Hospital Sued Over Massive Data Breach

A successful phishing attack on a healthcare professional employee resulted in a large data breach.

Cyber Attacks

New Android Banking Trojan Dubbed Ermac Spotted

In a new piece of malware nicknamed Ermac, the BlackRock cybercrime gang has taken inspiration from the popular banking trojan known...

Apps & OSs

Powereful Cyberattack Targeted Thousands of Online Gaming...

Cybercriminals are increasingly focusing their attention on the online accounts of gamers.


Report: 16 Popular Smart Home Gadgets' Apps are Vulnerable...

Because of the widespread use of smart home gadgets, people are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks and IoT devices can be used...

Cyber Attacks

Study Links Remote Work and Cyberattacks

Cloud migration and the quality of home networks are causing cybersecurity difficulties for many remote workers, according to new...

Data Breaches

Information of Eye Patients Exposed Following Data Breach

Hackers have begun to target the healthcare industry.


Upstream Launches Vehicle SoC for Connected Cars

The purpose is to help enterprises reduce connection risks and secure connected and autonomous car systems.


Japan Expects Cyberattacks from China, North Korea, and...

The Japanese government has changed its strategy in order to more effectively battle cyberattacks.

Cyber Attacks

United Health Centers of San Joaquin Valley hit by Vice...

Ransomware gangs have begun targeting health-care organizations in their cyberattacks once more.