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Cyber Attacks

Angry Wellingborough IT Worker Launched Cyberattacked at...

An attack at a school where he used to work forced a halt to the school's remote learning system, which prevented students from studying...

Data Breaches

A Major Telecom Firm Says Hackers Accessed its System for...

For years, hackers have been infiltrating Syniverse's system. The hack exposed billions of texts and millions of phone numbers.

Cyber Attacks

Prolific Ransomware Cybercriminals Arrested in Ukraine

In Ukraine, authorities are apprehending an increasing number of hackers.

Apps & OSs

Did a cyberattack bring down Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp?

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram were all down yesterday, although there is no evidence that this was the result of a cyberattack.

Apps & OSs

Fake Flubot Malware Warning Targeting Android Phones

Cybercriminals began using bogus cybersecurity warnings to trick Android users into downloading malware.

Data Breaches

Conti Ransomware Gang Refuses to Leak their Negotiation...

Messages between the malware's creators and one of its victims, Japan's JVCKennwood, have been revealed, necessitating this drastic...

Cyber Attacks

Despite the Changing Hacking Scene, Ransomware Thrives

According to a new McAfee Enterprise research, ransomware is still on the rise despite changes in the underground hacker scene that...


5 Tips to Secure your WordPress Site

Given the widespread use of WordPress, it is recommended that you take a few precautionary measures to keep your website safe from...


UK Law Firm Sues Google for Data Protection Violations

Class-action suits in the US are quite similar to Mishcon's and will have huge repercussions in a post-pandemic, post-Brexit UK for...

Cyber Attacks

Cyberattack on US Hospital Causes Death of Baby Girl

The incident occurred in July 2019, but the baby died in April of the following year. After her daughter died, the mother updated...


The CEO of Group-IB was Arrested Over Treason Charges in Russia

Sachkov had been on the run since his detention on September 28. If Sachkov is found guilty of treason, he could face a term of up...

Data Breaches

Epik's Server Data Exposed Following New Data Leak

Anonymous has made public what it claims to be previously unreleased information about Epik, a controversial web hosting company.

Data Breaches

Navistar Confirms Data Breach Following Cyberattack

According to an investigation at Navistar, a data breach on its systems exposed the healthcare information of its employees.

Apps & OSs

New Android Trojan Steals Millions of Dollars

It was recently revealed that a malicious mobile campaign infected over 10 million Android users. The victims were from over 70 countries...


How To Keep Windows 11 Secured

In the ever-increasing threat scenario of cyberattacks, it is preferable that you take the time to safeguard your work or even your...


Twitter Bots Trick Users Into Paying Fraudsters Using PayPal...

Using cloned social media identities, social engineering scammers prey on the vulnerable.